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State Budget 2008/09 --
California Arts Council Takes Administrative Budget Reduction

Published: 01-11-2008

In January 2008, Governor Schwarzenegger released his proposed 2008-09 budget for California. As a state agency, the California Arts Council fulfilled its required reduction through reductions in its administrative budget as follows:

"The Budget includes General Fund reductions of $24,000 and 0.3 position in 2007-08 and $124,000 and 1.0 position in 2008-09. To achieve this reduction, the Department will eliminate the Special Assistant to the Executive Director and reduce travel and training expenditures."

For more detailed information, see the Governor's Proposed Budget 2008-09 for the California Arts Council on the eBudget page. The proposed overall 2008-09 budget for the California Arts Council is just under $5.7 million, with approximately $1.1 million from the federal government, $3.2 million from the Arts License Plate Fund, $1.2 million from the General Fund, and $0.2 million from miscellaneous reimbursements.