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Chinese Hospital Mural Project: Request for Proposals
For International artists


San Francisco's Chinese Hospital is opening a new building in April 2016. The west exterior wall facing James Alley will be a unique opportunity for an artist to create a work featured on an important community institution.  The hospital intends on establishing a visual public presence that beautifies and contributes to the community life of Chinatown. 

Artists are invited to submit a proposal for a public art project up to $30,000 by March 1, 2016 to Chinatown Community Development Center, which is assisting Chinese Hospital on this project. Any questions should be directed to Erika Gee, Senior Planner, Chinatown Community Development Center, at 415.984.1497 or

About Chinese Hospital

Based in San Francisco Chinatown, Chinese Hospital is a non-profit community hospital offering a wide range of medical, surgical, and specialty care to a multicultural community. Chinese Hospital is a unique healthcare provider with a long and rich history of serving the local community that dates back to the late 1800s. It provided health care services to the underserved Chinese community who faced discrimination and limited access to public services and was staffed by both Western-trained physicians and Chinese herbalists. Today, Chinese Hospital aims to deliver quality health care in a cost effective way, respond to the community's ethnic and cultural uniqueness, and offer access to health care to all socioeconomic levels. Opening in April 2016, a new Chinese Hospital building will bring updated facilities and an expanded emergency room, intensive care, and prescription services. 

Mural Site

The mural area is on the west side of new building facing Jones Alley. The building’s surface is made with precast concrete panels. The area for the mural is 14 feet high at the front, 13 feet high at the back, and approximately 70 feet long down the alley. The alley will have planters in the front and back of the alley and seating at the front.  There is also a door for a gas meter room and some louvers, 10 feet above grade, which can be painted.

Artist Eligibility

Any artist or team of artists interested in creating a public art project, to be completed by fall 2016, may complete a proposal in accordance with the guidelines provided below.

Mural Goals

  • Create a piece of public art for an outdoor environment that reflects the spirit and history of health care in the San Francisco Chinatown community.
  • Select a dedicated and qualified artist or artist team that can demonstrate artistic excellence while completing this project on time and within budget.

Application Process and Requirements

Artists are invited to submit the following by March 1, 2016:

  • A brief sketch design or narrative illustrating the proposed concept. Include information such as medium, work plan for completion, and approximate dimensions of the proposed mural.  Note: The piece should not feature any recognizable people.
  • Bio and/or resume. Artists working collaboratively should submit background materials for each team member.
  • Sample work portfolio. Provide support materials, including up to 10 images and reviews of previously completed works. Examples should include size, materials, cost, and location of other public works. References for earlier projects are encouraged.
  • Proposed project budget allocating all costs for mural production, including the artist(s) fee, supplies, travel-related expenses, and other associated costs not to exceed $30,000.
  • Artist Maintenance Plan: A maintenance budget will be allocated outside this scope. 

Submission Deadline

Please email all materials, preferably as one PDF document not to exceed 5MB, to, by Monday, March 1, 2016.


Artists will retain the ownership of design ideas submitted with this application until a selection has been made and a contract is signed between the artist and Chinese Hospital. At the time a contract is awarded, the ownership of the design and the artwork produced will become the property of the Chinese Hospital.

Selection Process

Proposals will be juried by the selection committee using the following criteria:
  • Description and creative sketch of proposed work
  • Appropriateness of work to location and context: architectural, historical, geographic, and cultural;
  • Feasibility of project completion
  • Quality and craftsmanship as exhibited by past work

Deadline: 03-01-2016
Chinatown Community Development Center
San Francisco, CA

Contact: Erika Gee
Phone: 415.984.1497

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