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Photography That Matters
For International artists

Billions of images are created and disseminated daily through social media, television, print, and film, all competing for attention. Navigating and consuming media can mean an overwhelming barrage of images and information.

Sometimes, though, images of true import cut through the noise, helping us better understand our world: an image of a place threatened by development or industry, for example, an endangered species in its natural habitat, protests happening around the world, people implementing change in a specific area, or an image that leaves a lasting impact because of who, or what, it captures.

The Flagstaff Arts Council is seeking submissions for an exhibition of high quality artistic black and white photographs that matter. Images should cause the viewer to think, feel, or act.

Deadline: 06-15-2017
Flagstaff Arts Council
Flagstaff, AZ

Contact: Sarah Smallwood
Phone: 928.779.2300

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