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My upcoming book, The Art of Sigils, is an exploration of using sigils as a starting point for inspiring creativity. While I don’t believe that everyone is an artist, I do believe that everyone is creative in their own way.

I challenge you to create something inspired by this sigil (see my facebook page for the image). You can create anything you want – build something, cook something, dance, sing, compose a song, write a poem or story, fold origami – whatever you’re inspired to do. Take a photo or video of “it” (whatever it is you made) and email it to me at I will email you back a release form to sign. When I get the signed release back from you I will post your creation on Facebook and/or Instagram.

In late January I will announce three winners who's submissions will be included my upcoming book.

Deadline: 01-14-2018
The Art of Sigils
Los Angeles, CA

Contact: Gina Leslie

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