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San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility - Co-Generation Plant
For National artists

The City of San José (City) Public Art Program and Environmental Services Department are seeking an experienced artist, or artist-led team to develop an artwork related to the new Co-Generation Plant, located at the San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility. This artwork will be a public-facing feature screening the four (4) 50-foot-high emissions treatment exhaust stacks.  Artists are asked to submit qualifications to design, fabricate, and install an artwork that serves to screen the Co-Generation equipment. Artist may decide to work with the base-project designed perforated metal screening system or consider a more 3-dimensional approach. It is also an opportunity to contribute to and promote ESD’s sustainability goals for the RFQ by incorporating functional energy producing elements. 

The budget for this project is up to $300,000 for design, fabrication and installation. 

For more detailed information, the full RFQ is available here:

Deadline: 10-23-2017
San Jose Public Art Program
San Jose, CA

Contact: Mary Rubin

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