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Consilience of Art & Science
For National artists

The goals of the exhibition (From Jan. 26- Mar. 2, 2018) are to show creative work that explores the intersection between art and science; to foster communication between the arts and sciences; and to spark new ways of viewing the world and ourselves. Creative work that transcends pure scientific illustration to explore the conceptual realm where art and science both reside is strongly encouraged.

ELIGIBILITY AND MEDIA: This exhibit is open to all artists and scientists, regardless of residence, who wish to exhibit original 2D and 3D work in any medium, related to the intersection between art and science. This includes photography, drawing, textiles, painting, sculpture, video, and mixed media. Dimension restriction is at the discretion of the jurors.

Deadline: 12-15-2017
Pence Gallery
Davis, CA

Contact: Natalie Nelson
Phone: 530.758.3370

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