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Organization Project Grants
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The Organization Project Grant (OPG) program supports small and mid-sized arts organizations in the production and presentation of artistic works, in all disciplines, accessible to the general public in San Francisco. OPG supports-in whole or in part- specific arts projects that have been determined to be of sufficient quality and benefit or interest to the community at large or to specific segments of the community. OPG grants may be used to fund art exhibitions and installations, film and video screenings, music and dance concerts, theater performances, on-line arts projects, literary readings and publications, workshops in various art forms, local arts festivals, and other activities in a similar vein. Applications will be reviewed in visual art, literary art, media art, music, dance, and theater. This grant does not fund arts education classes.
Contact: Liz Ozol
Phone: 415.252.2231
Grant link:
Deadline: 10-11-2017

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