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Executive Director
Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC)

Portland, OR

The Opportunity:

RACC’s Board of Directors seeks a charismatic, visionary, politically fluent leader to serve as the new Executive Director for the organization as it enters a key phase of its evolution. Portland is one of the most rapidly growing regions in the nation and has recently increased its public arts and culture funding. This is a highly specialized opportunity for an experienced, thoughtful individual to build on RACC’s outstanding 22-year legacy of championing the Arts in Portland, and ensure that the Arts evolve with the rapid social, political and economic changes that are shaping Portland’s future. The Executive Director will provide management acumen and strategic vision for RACC, and build bridges among artists, arts organizations, neighborhoods, businesses and elected officials to advance arts programming, access, and equity in the Portland region. The Executive Director will play a significant and influential role in the continuing development of a diverse and vibrant artistic sector, and enhance its impact on the region’s civic and economic life.

Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC)The new Executive Director of RACC will serve as a key leader in the Portland region and nationally as an influencer and change agent in the Arts and areas of diversity, equity, inclusion, and access. In positioning RACC for future success as an active and important advocate in these areas, the Executive Director will have a powerful voice in shaping the strategic direction of RACC, its support for grantee organizations and artists, its community partnerships, and its development and fundraising strategy. In addition, the Executive Director will lead RACC’s partnerships with the city of Portland and surrounding counties, regularly interfacing with City and County leaders, including the Mayor’s office and other elected officials.

The Executive Director will endeavor to fund and actively create meaningful arts and cultural programming, including pioneering strategies and initiatives around education, civic art, and revitalization projects, and advocating for policy reform when appropriate. The Executive Director will deepen RACC’s existing partnerships and pioneer new enterprises, collaborating with community groups, nonprofits, schools, private industry, foundations and cultural organizations across the region and nationally. The Executive Director will be charged with substantively increasing access to and improving arts programming and education, proactively striving to create opportunities for the region.

Position Summary:

In serving as RACC’s chief advocate, strategist and visionary, the Executive Director will be a leading figure in the arts and cultural community in Portland, the tri-county area, and nationally. As the chief executive of the Portland area’s largest public arts funding council, the Executive Director plays a central role in creating an ecosystem where arts and culture thrive and advance social justice. Working closely with an experienced and passionate staff, with civic leaders, arts organizations and other stakeholders, the Executive Director contributes their vision to the dynamic role played by arts and culture in the region.

Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC)This leader will have a keen understanding of how RACC’s programming, grantmaking and advocacy directly affect the greater community’s arts and cultural organizations, artists, art lovers, and the historically underserved communities of color, immigrants and refugees, LGBTQIA and people with disabilities. The issues of equity and inclusion in the Arts have become a major focus for RACC, alongside rising awareness of Oregon’s history of systemic racism and inequity regarding resource allocation.

The Executive Director will provide thoughtful, committed and experienced leadership for RACC’s strategies for promoting equity, inclusion and access.

Contact:Michelle R.S. Bonoan

Deadline: 12-31-2017

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