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Neighborhood Choir Director
San Diego Children's Choir

San Diego, CA

The Neighborhood Choir Director is responsible for between 10–30 children ranging from grades K–6 at school or community locations in once weekly, one-hour rehearsals culminating in end-of-semester informal performances. Neighborhood Choir choir directors will select repertoire (in collaboration with SDCC staff) and will contact parents/schools when needed in planning/organizing local performances. The choir director educates and inspires the children, teaching songs along with basic theory techniques (beat vs. rhythm, dynamics, etc.), basic sight-reading skills, proper vocal technique and performance etiquette. Depending on availability, Neighborhood Choir directors can direct anywhere from 1-4 neighborhood choirs weekly, repertoire can be the same at multiple rehearsal sites. Most choirs rehearse after-school, but schedules and days of week are flexible and to be determined.

The Neighborhood Choir Director should have experience in level 1 Orff and Kodaly along with music literacy and vocal skills to develop the healthy, young child voice. Minimum Qualifications:


  • B.A. in music or the equivalent
  • 3+ years of received private vocal coaching
  • Piano proficiency (though an accompanist will be provided for rehearsals and performances)
  • Comfort using solfege as a rehearsal tool, and with use of the Curwen hand-signs •1+ years teaching/directing music at the elementary level.
  • Must be high energy
  • Must have interest in collaboration on an artistic level
  • Must have experience and interest in teaching songs in languages other than English.


Application Procedure: Please send an email with the subject “Choir Director, Neighborhood Choir” including a cover letter and CV with three references, to the contact information provided. Links to video of teaching and/or performances may be included, if available.

Contact:Michele Tondreau
Address: 123 Camino de la Reina, Ste. 202 South

Deadline: 02-11-2018

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