California Arts Council

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arts & accessibility technical assistance

The California Arts Council has an ongoing and unwavering commitment to making its services and programs open and accessible to all persons, with and without disabilities. The agency reaches out and nurtures its relationship with the disability community through programs and services in partnerships with the National Arts and Disability Center and with the National Endowment for the Arts.

  • The purpose of the Arts and Accessibility program is to enhance opportunities for participation in the arts by people with disabilities. This is done through small, but critical grants of $500 to $1500 to artists with disabilities and $500 up to $2000 to arts organizations.

    Grants for artists with disabilities are intended to support the advancement of their creative work and careers. Artist grants are for specific projects that contribute directly to their professional goals and development.

    Funds are available January 2017 - September 2017. Please be sure to read the Guidelines before applying, as they have recently changed:

Program Goal