Creating Places of Vitality

Performing Arts Workshop

The Creating Places of Vitality (CPV) Program supports rural and underserved communities through grant opportunities for small arts organizations. CPV offers opportunities to encourage creative innovation, to engage in meaningful cultural activities that can transform neighborhoods and communities, and to create a distinct sense of local place through the arts.

City of San Fernando Mariachi Master Apprentice Program
Eligibility Criteria
  • Arts organizations must propose new or expanded partnerships to implement a place-based project that includes a public component, such as a culminating presentation, a performance, special event, etc.
  • Arts organizations must apply with a primary partner, preferably from a different sector, to share resources (monetary and/or in-kind services) and provide leadership for the project.
  • Additional partners from various sectors are encouraged to strengthen the project.

Program Goals

Provide greater access to the arts for individuals, families, and communities.



• 2013-14 CPV Guidelines

California Cultural Data Project
Required! The California Arts Council requires all applicants to fill out a profile through the California Cultural Data Project and submit a Funder Report along with their application. Complete this part of your submission at the California Cultural Data Project.


Application available:
January 24, 2014

Application deadline:
March 7, 2014

Grant activity period:
June 2014 – May 31, 2015