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Sandhill Crane FestivalMultidisciplinary

Long before Lodi existed, Sandhill Cranes descended into the rich delta wetlands at the end of a long migratory journey, some from nesting grounds as far away as Siberia. In awe-inspiring numbers, and with a prehistoric call, stately gait, and elegant choreography, the Sandhill Crane continues to attract and inspire visitors. 

Lodi's Sandhill Crane Festival has celebrated the return of the cranes in partnership with the City of Lodi each November, welcoming an ever-growing circle of friends to our community to share the wonder of the Sandhill Crane...and so much more. Lots of arts activities enhance this festival from an art competition to dance and music performances and workshops!

Festival has a children/youth component.

Festival Website:

Occurs in: November

Festival Location: 125 S. Hutchins St., Lodi

Contact Information:
Lodi Sandhill Crane Association
P.O. Box 1616, Lodi, CA 95241
(800) 581-6150

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