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Indian Classical Music and Dance FestivalCommunity
The Indian Fine Arts Academy organizes a 4 day annual festival during March-April presenting of Indian Classical Music and nAtya (Indian Classical Dance) performances by world renowned artistes. This festival is the largest of its kind in the west coast and draws over 5000 people during the course of the 4 days. The festival features over 30 professional performing artistes from India and various cities across USA. In addition, regional Indian food showcasing the various culinary aspects of India is made available for all the festival attendees and artistes. The festival also hosts an award ceremony where the contribution of several accomplished artistes and community leaders is recognized. From a humble beginning of this festival in March 2007, it has now grown to become the most eagerly looked forward to event by the Indian diaspora in the west coast.
Festival Website:

Occurs in: March; April

Festival Location: San Diego, CA

Contact Information:
Indian Fine Arts Academy of San Diego
Shekar Viswanathan - Secretary & President
7165 Calabria Ct, San Diego, CA 92122

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